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This tool can help you find the right theme words or phrases (keywords) to use when optimizing your site. It's important to thoroughly research your keywords from the customers perspective. Ask what they might type into a search engine to find what your company has to offer.

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A recent survey showed that 85% of all website traffic originates from search engines. 46% of all new sites discovered are via search engines - the next highest is word of mouth at 20%. These sales prospects will be keying in their requirements to their search engine of choice, with our mission being to get your web site address on that all-important first page. Get a head start now before your competition catches on!

The Search Engine Process...
How search engines collect and update their database varies...
  กค Crawlers/Spiders - collect content automatically (e.g. Google)
  กค Directories - uses people-power (e.g. Yahoo)
  กค Hybrids - use other search engines and directories (e.g. Excite)
  กค Sponsored Links - collect links by charging for them (e.g. Overture)

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